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A film directe by JANA MONTLLOR BLANES


Jana stands on the edge of an abyss: she barely has any memories of her father, the renowned singer-songwriter Ovidi Montllor. Twenty-eight years after his death, she embarks on a cinematographic journey to recast her private memory from the fragility of her recollections, the moments she shared with him and some small objects she still keeps.

“I began this documentary from something of a strange place: that of a daughter wanting to talk about her father based on what she had read and heard about him in the public domain. I realised that, deep down, it was a strategy to avoid recognising my own anger and frustration at having only experienced our relationship in childhood. The idea for the film took an unexpected turn and became a way of creatively coping with absence. I call it an “anti-investigation”, because after twenty-eight years researching an Ovidi without me, I needed to get closer to my father and re-signify our relationship, which was cut short by his death when I was on the threshold of adulthood. It’s a journey towards a reencounter of intimacy, and a recognition of the fragility of memory.”



Jana Montllor Blanes


Jana Montllor Blanes, Liliana Díaz Castillo and Lu Dapena González

Executive Production

Paulina Martinez, Matheus Mello

Direction of Photography

María Grazia Goya


Pepa Roig

Teaser Editor

Liliana Díaz Castillo

Direct Sound

Lucia Herrero

Sound Design

Eva Valiño





Feature film, documentary


71 min

Original Version


Projection Format

Digital Cinema 2K, 16mm



Where were you when you were there? is the product of five years of the La Selva team’s accompaniment in the personal, intimate journey taken by Jana Montllor Blanes as she developed and produced her debut film. Grounded in a transgenerational discourse subtly hidden among the images and the notes of love that permeate the film, “Where Were You When You Were There?” is an essential documentary for adult and young generations alike. The film speaks of parent-child relationships, mourning and the importance of memory to understand where you come from and where you are going, and ultimately, free yourself.

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