O silencio

A film directe by Lu Dapena González

In postproduction

Edilia (92), a survivor of the Franco regime, is confronted by her granddaughter Lucía (35), who needs to know more about a family secret that has come to light. The encounters between the two stir up old traumas, breaking the silence and revealing the complex family ties that have been built around it.

“This film is a portrait of an intimate family memory fading into oblivion. It explores the tension between the death of our grandparents, a generation of people who were unable to pass their histories down, and the experience of grandchildren who must live with this emptiness. The documentary is structured around my relationship with my grandmother. Between the first images, filmed in 2016, and the last ones, in 2023, a portrait of this generational misunderstanding is gradually composed, weaving a complex bond that moves between affection and harshness; humour and drama; distance and tenderness. Over the course of our encounters, the fears, nightmares and ghosts of an era silenced for more than 70 years come to the surface, revealing the fragmented memories of our grandparents, which are narrated more eloquently in what is silenced than with spoken words.”



Lu Dapena González


Lu Dapena González


Barcelona: La Selva
Galicia: Gaitafilmes

Executive Production

Lu Dapena González, Paulina Martínez, Matheus Mello & Suso López

Direction of Photography

Lucía C. Pan


Liliana Díaz Castillo

Writing Advice

La Selva: Liliana Díaz Castillo
Residencia en Monte Ficción, Colombia: Lucía H. Rodríguez, Germán Serventi
Residencia Walden: Marta Andreu





Feature film, creative documentary

Original Version

Galego, spanish

Projection Format

Cinema digital 2K


In postproduction

O Silencio Herdado is an invitation to reveal the untold stories of the Franco era in order to shed light on denied memory, silence and trauma. These themes transcend borders and connect intrinsically with current world affairs and the historical processes of numerous countries in the face of advancing fascism. A film that is truly necessary to understand, transform and reformulate the unique story that imbues the history of not only Spain but the entire world.

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