We are a film production company made up of filmmakers from diverse backgrounds and genres. We develop films and training programmes with the goal of bringing historically-silenced points of view to the fore, and generating more diverse worldviews, with feminist, anti-racist, decolonial and libertarian perspectives. We are committed to auteur filmmaking with authentic and risky narratives, fundamental in the portrayal of a plural and fairer world. Our processes are based on experimentation and collaborative, horizontal creation.

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Working members

01 – Lu Dapena González

Lu Dapena González

Director, screenwriter, documentary filmmaker
02 – Liliana Díaz Castillo ENG

Liliana Díaz Castillo

Director, scriptwriter, editor
03 – Jana Montllor Blanes ENG

Jana Montllor Blanes

Director, scriptwriter, cultural management
04 – Marc Vila Bosch ENG

Marc Vila Bosch

Production director, cultural manager


05 – Paulina Martínez ENG

Paulina Martínez

Executive producer, scriptwriter
06 – Victòria Martínez ENG

Victòria Martínez

Economic manager, organisational design


08 – Jan Amor Sandiumenge_ENG

Jan Amor Sandiumenge

Film trainer for young people, filmmaker
09 – Pablo Barahona ENG

Pablo Barahona

Film trainer for young people, filmmaker
10 – Saïd Bouaich ENG

Saïd Bouaich

Film trainer for young people
11 – Carolina Sourdis Arenas ENG

Carolina Sourdis Arenas

Film trainer for young people, filmmaker
12 – Inés Tarradellas ENG

Inés Tarradellas

Communication, strategic image
13 – Héctor Ulloque Franco ENG

Héctor Ulloque Franco