Vivim el barri

Vivim el Barri is a film experimentation workshop for young people living in Barcelona’s Raval neighbourhood. During an intensive seven-day seminar, the group of young people, without prior experience and with the support of filmmakers and audiovisual professionals, approach cinema with the aim of promoting participation in the neighbourhood through critical reflection and cinematographic practice.

“I really enjoyed meeting people, being able to learn from experts in the field and having everyone do a bit of every part of the process… who could ask for more?”


“It was a great experience. Having different filmmakers meant there were many points of view and that was also very enriching.”

Júlia Perpinyà

“I am grateful for all the learning and the shared moments.”


“I really liked it, especially the good vibes that were generated. We’ve created great team spirit and they’ve helped us at all times. We’ve shared all our ideas... we’ve been creating things and thinking all the time. It’s been a very cool personal and creative enrichment.”

Jana Saumell

“At last, a space to say and share what you want to say!”


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