Who we are?

How we see and how we want to be seen are two axes of a constant reflection on our relationship with the world.

LA SELVA. ECOSISTEMA CREATIU was established by a group of filmmakers with the desire to transform the dynamics of cinematographic production and from the desire to make auteur films with fresh views.

From this passion, we committed to make La selva a space for experimentation of all creative cinematographic processes: from scriptwriting to post-production and the distribution of high-quality content.

We explore other logics of production, financing, and distribution. Our value is collective work and, therefore, we extend the concept of auteur towards the inclusion of all artists participating in the creation of cinematographic works.

We produce films that diversify the perceptions of the world and allow us to rethink the image from a perspective that converges with decolonial and feminist visions, bringing balance and social justice.

We promote the creation of audiences through the making of spaces for dialogue, reflection, and learning of the audiovisual language and open cinema to communities with less access.

We are our agents of change, so from a cooperative organizational and solidarity economy base, we work on values ​​such as horizontality, collectivity, and transparency.

Who is who?

Lucía Dapena


Communications degree / Master in Documentary Films
Documentarist / Scriptwriter / Content Producer

“The documentary film is for me, not just a way of looking at the world, but also to experience it and live”.

Jana Montllor Blanes


Humanities Bachelor / Master in visual antropology
Cultural manager / Director / Scriptwriter

“Cinema for me is a transformation, a participatory way to include the community in the process of reflection and creation”.

Liliana Díaz Castillo


Social Communications bachelor’s degree / Master in Cinema
Director / Scriptwriter / Producer / Creator of Practical workshops

“Cinema for me is a political act, a way of life”.

Marc Vila


Degree in Sociology / Master in Visual Anthropology and Cultural Management

Photographer / Cultural Manager / Production Director

“For me, cinema is a necessity.”

Paulina Martínez


Social Communications bachelor’s degree / Master in Documentary Films / Master in Screenwriting

Producer / Scriptwriter

“Cinema for me is the possibility of reinventing the world”.

Victória Martínez


Business and Management Administration Expert

Economic and organizational design manager

“Cinema for me is the possibility of reinventing the world “For me, film is a powerful tool that can make the world better or worse, a great responsibility in our hands”.

Margarita Robles De La Pava


Degree in International Relations / Master in Journalism / Master in Audiovisual Production

Production Assistant

“For me, film is a way of understanding society and its different realities”.


Security Officer / Writing and Editing Assistant

“Cinema is for me, wuauuu, wuau, aurrrwww“.

Where are we?