The true story of Willy Muñoz


He arrived in Barcelona in the mid 60’s. He was an actor and singer who had up to 36 different jobs before he devoted his life to the theatre. In Barcelona he worked as a ladies hairdresser, bartender at the Ritz hotel and salesperson at Vieta while part of the main independent theater. He performed at the suburbs’ bars to bring theater to the most disadvantaged contexts, making documentaries denouncing the exploitation of workers arriving from the south, playing for the proletarian after demonstrations against the Franco regime and, in the meantime, he was going to forge a way now part of the collective memory. Family, friends and unknowns re construct this story through a exercise of memory provoke by re visiting the places that they share with him. But who really was Willy Muñoz?

A memory exercise about Ovidi Montllor, a film that questions the memory in everyday spaces while calling into question the unique narratives to release the memory through re signified polyphonies.


La Selva, Creative Ecosystem


Director: Jana Montllor

Producer: Matheus Mello


Year: 2019 /2020
Type: Feature Documentary
Genre: Experimental / creative
Public: +13 years
Duration: 52′ / 75′
Original Version: Catalán
Format: Colour, Digital / Digital 5.1, Dolby Stereo
Stage: Development