La Selva in Movement

La Selva in Movement is an itinerant programming space that brings independent cinema to the public with less access to the processes of creation, reflection, and delight of the audiovisual. It is an alternative network of distribution in which risky films that challenge us to rethink ourselves are made accessible to new audiences and unconventional spaces, decentralizing the cinema to take it to the neighborhoods and to places eager for new windows to the world.

We offer:

· Alternative proposals of cinema-event where the audiovisual dialogues with other arts.

· Experimental workshops for communities at risk of social exclusion.


Workshop for Kids

We discover the cinema through Stanley Kubrick.

The cinematographic art and the special effects: two workshops for the little ones.

Públic: children between 5 and 12 years old accompanied by an adult.

Workshop of cinematographic art

What implies to do a film? This workshop bring the cinema to the kids with Stanley Kubrick as referent. His films are famous for the special effects and for the meticulous art work. We will do makeup, costumes and masks with recycled material to characterize ourselves as Kubrick´s characters.

Workshop of special effects:

Once we have characterized, we will see ourselves in Kubrick´s scenographies using special effects (chroma key). In this workshop we could see what can be done on a set: float in space or appear in the middle of a room.



In addition, we propose exchanges between distant poles in which the cinema and the arts in general are the starting point for dialogue and sociocultural reflection.