The Film Creation Lab is a program tailored for reflection and potentialization of film projects that aims to support and promote films, emphasizing its auteur’s point of view with the experience and knowledge of outstanding international film professionals.

The selection process is carried out through international annual calls.

Development Laboratory

Próxima edición: Catalunya (lugar por definir) – 2020.

Annual program for films in the writing and development phase. The participating projects will be dissected through intensive seminars that include writing (thematic and treatment), production (financing and viability) and distribution consultancies. The simultaneous work of the three areas, allows it to find coherence and growth needed to advance the projects into production.

During 7 days of intense work, the selected participants will be accompanied in their methods for defining their projects through international industry professionals to identify the projects strengths and weaknesses and address it on this phase.

A gathering for reflection where the projects grow and are transformed from the writing, but also from the design of production and distribution conceived for each particular case.

Film Editing Laboratory

In construction. Next edition in 2020.

Annual program for projects in the editing phase. The participating projects will be analyzed by international consultants with extensive experience in the industry, helping the auteurs and editors to reformulate the editing of their films under construction with the purpose of enriching them to find their best version.