La Selva. Creative Ecosystem is a studio for cinematographic development and creation focused on the renovation of the film industry standards. We aim to impulse new talents with the goal of making films from other perspectives and latitudes. For such we trust in agile and practical dynamics directed by the collective work of creation.

Inclusive, authentic and diverse cinema for all species.


It is a program for advice and potentialization of documentary and fiction projects that aims to support and promote films in the writing or editing stage.

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We produce projects in which we have an ethical and artistic affinity adapting our production structure to the needs of each film to find the most efficient way to make possible the vision of auteurs. Check out our productions.

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It is an integral program of creation and production that seeks to promote the realization of cinematographic works defying the times and the traditional ways of making films. Intensive meetings of creation between masters of the cinema, professionals of the industry and new authors with urgent ideas, eager for experimentation in forms, formats and production resources.

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We bring audiovisual creation and its enjoyment to unconventional spaces to make cinema an event and a space for sociocultural reflection.

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