Film Accelerator

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Film Accelerator 2019

Lucrecia Martel:
Sounds of Summer

Gathering with emerging filmmakers
Juny 6th — 15th. Barcelona

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The Film Accelerator is an intensive program for creation encounters with experienced auteurs and emerging peers that seeks to promote the production of films challenging the times and traditional forms of production by creating the best environments to facilitate the creation.

These programs result in fresh, innovative and risky films, as the result of the exchange and the advice from Masters of cinema, industry professionals and new auteurs with urgent ideas, eager for experimentation in forms, formats and production resources.

Accelerator of Short Films

An annual gathering between a celebrated International Film Director and a group of participants chosen by an international open call. It will take place in various different places in the world.

During the program, each one of the participants will experience, from beginning to the end, all the stages of the cinematographic creation until the final cut of a short film.

The idea, the writing, the casting, the scouting, the filming, the editing and the exhibition will be experienced by each participant in company of the Director of the Accelerator who, through individual and group consultancies, will make of the creation process, an intense work of reflection and questioning on the consolidation of the style of each of the emerging auteurs.

In the end, all participants will vote for the bests short films created from this experience that will be distributed accordingly.

Film Accelerator for features

Under construction. Next edition in 2020.

The Film Accelerator for features program is designed for new filmmakers in the search of their style, understanding as auteur all the creative professionals in the head of department during the process of making a film: scriptwriter, director, cinematographer, sound engineer, producer, editor.

Within an integral concept of creation, the Film Accelerator for features seeks to accompany the creation process of the different areas of cinematographic work, as a collective work, in which will result on the production of a feature film

The program is made on an open call basis. It will be open to 5 different areas of creation: Direction, Production, Sound, Photography, and Edition. Each participant will join an interdisciplinary team with which they will perform a collective work.

Each group of participants will have the professional advice of international film masters specialized in each of the areas of creation of the feature film.