La Selva is a Creative Ecosystem of film production based in Barcelona formed by a group of Ibero-American filmmakers and producers involved in the renewal of the processes of production, training, and exhibition of films.

We design tutoring programs, creative production, and film project labs in an attempt to generate authentic and diverse auteur point of view that are fundamental in the representation and recognition of a plural world.

To make films from other perspectives and latitudes, in La Selva we are committed to working on more agile dynamics and practices focused on the collective work of creation.

Inclusive, authentic and diverse cinema for all species.

Film Accelerator

A comprehensive program for creation and production that seeks to promote filmmaking by challenging the times of traditional ways of making films. Intensive creation meetings between film masters and new auteurs with urgent ideas, eager for experimentation in forms, formats and production resources.

NEXT EDITION: October 2021

Film Production

We produce film projects that have an ethical and artistic affinity adapting to the needs of each project to find the most efficient way to enable the vision of emerging auteurs.



We develop projects with a socio-territorial impact that has cinema as a transformative base for communities with less access and we develop public training programs where cinema and the arts in general dialogue in the exploration of the world.


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